Here you can read testimonials from some of my clients.

I feel relieved and confident

I have tried clairvoyance twice, but nothing compares with this. Ditte has some very special abilities and a very comfortable way of communicating. I had no expectations with the clairvoyance before we started, but just had a strong feeling that I should have a clairvoyance by Ditte.

A lot of things have happened in my life over the past year and I was a bit confused whether I was on the right track.

I could use everything I was told and it has given me an incredibly missed- and much needed rest in my body. I have been confirmed that I am on the right path and I do not actually remember when I last felt so "relieved" and confident. We also touched some difficult topics and I am especially glad that there is a prospect of one day getting in touch with a close family member again. Ditte totally hit the mark with how this person is. This gave me great peace of mind.

The funny thing is that most things I already knew the answer to, but that Ditte could confirm that my intuitions work - is just amazing. I now want to "pull" the brake and remember to enjoy the journey as well as the destination ahead of me. Taking walks, my girlfriends and music should take more of my time. I'm so happy - thank you!
Gry Bertelsen

Everyone should have Ditte in their life

Thank you for your way of being. Thank you for your way of being there for us.

In the last years, I have consulted you in many different contexts.

Iโ€™ve consulted you as part of my career โ€“ whatโ€™s going to happen, where am I going?

We have consulted you as a family. Every single time you have proven yourself to be very special and youโ€™ve done so much for us.

You have an amazing ability to listen and to link our world with the energies, impulses and messages you receive from the other side. You have an amazing ability to communicate.

I have tried healing, I have tried clairvoyance. We as a family have received input regarding cranio sacral therapy, and we have used you as a therapist.

No matter the context, you have given us so much โ€“ tools, input and messages that have helped us further in our lives.

You are very special and completely unique. Everyone should have a Ditte in their life. Weโ€™re so glad we have you.

Many of the things you said would happen โ€“ or your sense of where I was. Not one of them has been wrong โ€“ they have all been spot on. Sometimes they have come a little earlier than I had imagined they would.

You make a difference to many people.

Everyone should meet you. Everyone should have you in their lives!

Thanks for you
Karina Moll Ravn

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