Therapeutic clairvoyance

A different therapeutic treatment consisting of both therapy and clairvoyance in a mix that suits you. 

There are a lot of clients, that have a clairvoyance session during their therapeutic course. During a session, it’s up to you, if you want the main focus to be on therapy or the clairvoyance. I will also be able to assist in accessing what makes most sense to you, depending on your process.

In therapy, you’ll find the answers and solutions with my help. During the clairvoyance, I will give you the answers to the unanswered questions within yourself.


I’m experiencing that this mix is becoming more popular, amongst others because my clients:

Price: DKK 2,000 incl. VAT for a 60 minute session. The session takes place in my office in Lyngby. 

In case of cancellations within a week, you will be charged a cancellation fee of DKK 500.

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