Telepathy gives you the opportunity to communicate with a family member or someone who is close to you, who isn’t able to express themselves verbally. This can be caused by aphasia, stroke, paralysis, autism, dementia or much more.

The fact that your loved one can’t speak isn’t the same, as they aren’t able to communicate.

A telepathy with a human being that isn’t able to speak creates a better understanding and harmony for yourself and the one you care about. It can be used to communicate and understand, for instance:

For a telepathy, I can either come to you and your relative/loved one or you can have the session in my office.

I can also help you by having a picture sent through email of the person, you would like to communicate with.

I’m a trained therapist and family therapist and I use these tools in connection to my work with telepathy.

Price: DKK 2,000 incl. VAT for a 60 minute session. The session takes place in my office in Lyngby. 

In case of cancellations within a week, you will be charged a cancellation fee of DKK 500.

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