If you keep experiencing the same problems in life, I can help you uncover where that pattern comes from and how you can solve it. Often, this knowledge can put things and problems into perspective.

Since I’ve always had senses, predictions and great empathic abilities, I became a qualified clairvoyant and graduated from the Clairvoyanceskolen by Gjertrud Berlon in 2002.

I believe we’re all able to perform a clairvoyance, but it’s not necessarily everyone, who will make a living out of it. It can be compared to saying everyone can learn to play the piano, but not everyone will play everyday, not everyone is equally good at it and not everyone will become the new Mozart or Bach.

During a clairvoyance, I “tune in” on the client and the client’s guides or spiritual mentors help me answer the client’s questions.

Some of the topics, we often touch upon are:

I’m shown the things, that have to be passed on from the past, present and the future. The clients, I’m helping through a clairvoyance, are touched to hear about a certain situation, because I don’t know about it.

It often put things and problems into perspective. 
If a person keeps experiencing the same problems in life, I can uncover where a potential pattern originates from and how the person can solve it.

The clients’s questions will often have been answered at the end of the sitting, but I will of course let the client get the opportunity to ask any unanswered questions, once the seance is over.

There may be contact to a deceased. This is agreed upon in advance with the client, if this contact is requested.

I don’t mention death, destructions, infidelity and deadly deceases.

Price: DKK 2,000 incl. VAT for a 60 minute session. The session takes place in my office in Lyngby. 

In case of cancellations within a week, you will be charged a cancellation fee of DKK 500.

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