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Psychotherapy gives you the opportunity to work on things in life that seem hard and sometimes can slow you down. I work with individual therapy, family and couples’ therapy.

If you keep experiencing the same problems in life, I can help you uncover where that pattern comes from and how you can solve it. This knowledge can oftentimes put things and problems into perspective.

Coaching or clairvoyance. For company owners who needs help with a strategy, getting a better understanding of themselves and the company, setting goals and looking into the future.

A different therapeutic treatment consisting of both therapy and clairvoyance in a mix that suits you.

For you, who wants to see things from a higher perspective for yourself and the people around you.

A relaxing and absolutely amazing experience, when you go through previous lives.

A great treatment for people, who are either injured, uneasy, want to cleanse their aura or experiencing a shock trauma. During the healing, you will be lying down.

Telepathy gives you the opportunity to have the interpreter you need in order to communicate with a family member or a loved one, that arenโ€™t able to speak.

Cranio Sacral Therapy is a very gentle treatment that helps you straighten up and relax on the basis of your own resources with the purpose of self-healing.

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