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Energy report June 2020 ๐Ÿ’—

Dear you ๐Ÿ’—

Venus is still in retrograde until June 25 th, and Mercury went retrograde June 18th – July 12th.

This means we have 2 planets in retrograde for one more day.

I know many of you would like to produce or see things happen now, the universe will not let you.

The reason why: You who are energetic and extroverted, right now are being forced into silence.

Those who are usually quiet and introverted are forced to open their mouths. Theyโ€™re experiencing that their boundaries are being violated.

Now is the time to enjoy the silence instead of being afraid of it.

We had a June where we were busy creating peace and balance around us. You also had to take compromise to achieve that balance around you.

Did you remember YOU in that process? In the “pursuit” of harmony, happiness and a family feeling?

Or did you lose yourself along the way?

You, as a light worker, have most likely given too much of your light to others, lost yourself halfway and are now completely empty and exhausted.

You are also aware of this because we have entered the sign of Cancer, which is a water element and which stands for emotions.

Cancer has a hidden desire to feel secure, both financially, romantically and spiritually.

You have the opportunity to pay extra attention to whether or not you lose yourself in the process of ignoring others in the process, or projecting your desire for security onto another human being so that you feel safe.

During this Mercury retrograde, you will have the opportunity to learn the difference between whether you interpret and sense based on energies based on your own intuition or whether it is based on a projection.


Practice well and thoroughly in:

Do you really hear what the other person says based on where the person is?

Or do you hear what the person says, based on where you are and want the other to be?

We have two strong energies going in each direction in June and July. One energy wants the community, which provides a sense of security.

The second energy will set boundaries and know the difference between a desire and a projection.


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