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Energy report April 2020

We just had the new moon on Tuesday in the signs of Aries.

Its energies help you get things started. The month of April is the very doorway to launch projects. You always have the opportunity to do so, but especially this month there is a highvibe energy to be helped with it.

Since the new moon is in the sign of Aries, the benefits of it are that:

– You will be considered the “herd leader”
– You will be seen as the initiator
– You will get many new ideas
– You dare tell the truth now
– You’ve never been better at setting boundaries

The challenge of these energies is:

– You must think before you speak
– You can set boundaries in hardness
– You do not always get your many projects completed.

You experience a frustration that all that you launched in November and December 2019 and that you had super energy on, suddenly does not succeed. It’s not just due to “these times” we’re in right now. But as if the idea behind it is stagnant. You need to know that because you yourself are vibrating at such a high speed, your ideas must surely follow. Therefore, my best advice to you, who can recognize this, is that you constantly change your ideas and projects so that they keep up with your vibration as you progress.

We have the full moon on April 8th again. Here you have the opportunity to forgive yourself and or the people you feel did you wrong. Search deep into your heart and know that everyone is fighting their own battle. And what people do is very rarely about you, but about themselves.

I wish you all a very good month

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