About Ditte Young & D-evelopment

D-evelopment is a consultancy company owned by Ditte Young specializing in stress management and conflict resolution.
The company also helps animals owners worldwide to gain a better understanding of their animals.
Ditte Young is known as Denmark’s most recognized animal communicator and clairvoyant.
She is an Organic Psychotherapist from the Academy of Psychotherapy – specializing in shock and trauma, family therapy, and stress management.
Ditte is an author, a speaker and works as a therapist, clairvoyant, cranio-sacral therapist, and healer.
Originally, Ditte worked in the field of TV and media. Now, she has managed to build a bridge between the 2 worlds – making the spiriual realm more tangible in all parts of her work. Her life mission is:
“To create a life in harmony for humans and animals allowing them to be as they are”.

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