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We have a four year old son, who is brain damaged and autistic. He’s not able to talk, so we went to Ditte for advice, and she was able to help us understand him through telepathy. We were very surprised to witness her abilities and she was spot on without even knowing him. We could all recognise the information she shared and we were convinced, when she told us things she had no way of knowing. It was a life changing experience, and we have no doubt that telepathy is working; because it does.
The thing that surprised us in particular and made us happy was that our son, through Ditte, was able to tell us, how we specifically could help him in difficult situations. We are using this information in our every day life. We have also shared it with the kinder garden staff, who also received tools to better help our son. It’s definitely not the last time, we will contact Ditte for a telepathy.
A big and warm thank you to Ditte Young.

Gry Bertelsen - Gørlev / Telepathy with Kian